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In 1975 George and Lynda Rogers started Rogers Associates in the basement of their home.  Rogers Associates operated for a decade solely as a marketing and manufacturing representative firm selling assorted products to independent and chain stores nation wide with the mantra, "the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of the price fades away".   The Rogers represented many lines on a commission basis including, Henri Studio, Southland, Colorado Aggregate, and numerous nurseries green lines.  

During this time, the Rogers began to stop representing the green good lines, and instead began to buy directly from these quality growers and resell to their larger customers, known in the industry as brokering.

While brokering to their customers was great for them and their customers, the Rogers could only do it for large orders, and it ultimately was no different than representing green lines, in that they lacked final control over the quality of the material that was shipped.

In 1985, the Rogers purchased a 15 acre farm and its crop in Canby Oregon and began Rogers Nursery Oregon.   Now the Rogers could grow their specialty plant material, as well as buy material from other quality nurseries.  The Rogers began to offer a wider assortment of material than they could have ever offered their customers as either broker or as a nursery farm.   The new mantra, was "Rogers Nursery Oregon, your horticultural connection."

In 1995, having out grown their facilities, Rogers purchased 180 acres in Donald Oregon and moved their operations.   The Rogers operation now has grown from 15 acres to 30 acres and is still expanding. 

Rogers Associates and Rogers Nursery Oregon
Rogers Associates in 1997 stopped representing all other companies.  Now the parent company of Rogers Nursery Oregon, only exclusively sales and markets the ornamental and conifer material of Rogers Nursery Oregon.

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